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Travel certificate within 20 minutes
On site within 2 hours

Test strategy within your company

MediCorps’ test strategy

Our strategy for companies is to fully focus on stopping the spread of the virus throughout and within your company. It is important to know that 50% of infected corona carriers generally do not show any symptoms, but at the same time they can infect their colleagues.

In order to prevent an outbreak, you need to have grip on these carriers too. That is the focus of the MediCorps strategy. This strategy is both simple and effective.

How often do I test?

Suppose you test every employee before he/she enters the factory or office, then you can already catch a large share of the infected employees before they enter the premises. If you fail to detect an employee because he/she has a virus load that is too low, for example, then you can still detect this employee the next day or the following day.

To avoid this false sense of security and to guarantee the continuity of the company, frequent rapid testing of employees deserves priority.

  • Test employees with corona-type symptoms at home and within 2 hours you get an immediate result.
  • Test employees without symptoms on location before they can start working.
  • Test employees without symptoms with a well-defined test protocol
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