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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about travelling

1. I've had one shot, can I travel now?

In general, you must be fully vaccinated to be able to travel freely with the passport. With three out of four corona vaccines, that means you must have had two doses. When vaccinated, the certificate will state how many shots someone has received.

Of course you can also travel by means of a negative PCR test.

2. Do I receive a COVID-19 certificate with the rapid test or PCR test?


MediCorps offers both a Covid-19 rapid test certificate and a PCR certificate for business travelers. This certificate is personal and the data you provide will be used on this certificate. Always check this information carefully. This also applies to the testing method. Check in advance which test is necessary for your destination. Customers are responsible for passing on the correct testing method and data.

3. Where can I be tested?

It is possible to be tested at your chosen location; at your home or your office. But also at Schiphol or Eindhoven Airport. This can be done just before departure, but also a day before departure.

4. Not (yet) vaccinated and still travelling?

Even those who are not vaccinated can travel within Europe. Vaccination is not a requirement for travel. For example, you can also use a negative PCR test to prove that you have been tested negative.

5. Why do I need a PCR test and not a rapid test?

This differs per country. For example, a rapid test is sufficient for Italy, but a PCR test is required for Finland. The result of the PCR test must not be older than 48 hours before departure. For current information, see the website of nederlandwereldwijd.nl

6. How long does it take to receive the results?

A rapid test will give you the results within 15 minutes. You will receive your travel certificate right after your result.

The PCR test is called the BusinessPCR test. This is a unique test and you will receive the test results within 20 minutes. If you are with a larger group, the test will go to a lab and you will receive the results within 24 hours.

7. What information is on the travel certificate?

What is stated on the travel certificates differs per test (PCR - rapid test - antibodies).

Rapid test: Name, date of birth, gender, document number (ID or passport), date and time of test administration, test result, type of test, name and signature of our medical director.

PCR test: name, date of birth, gender, document number, testing method, date/time of taking the test, date of the result, test result, type of test, the details of the laboratory, name and signature of our medical director.

Antibody test: name, date of birth, gender, document number, test result, date/time of test administration, test result, type of test, name and signature of our medical director.

8. Do frontier workers always have to have a certificate?

Yes, frontier workers always have to have a corona certificate when they cross the border. The same goes for people who have to travel abroad regularly for other reasons. Would you like to visit family abroad? Do you live on the border and do your shopping across the street? You are expected to have a certificate with you every time. Anyone who is not vaccinated or immune must therefore be able to present a negative test.

9. I want to travel outside of Europa, is that possible?

The EU COVID Certificate is only valid within the European Union. You can't use the certificate outside of it. There is a good chance that conditions and rules apply to travelers at your chosen destination outside Europe.

10. What is the difference between a rapid test and a PCR test?

In most cases there is no difference in the method of administration. In both the PCR test and the antigen rapid test, a sample is taken from the pharynx and nasal cavity with a cotton swab. The difference lies in the diagnosis of this sample. With a rapid test, the sample can be processed further immediately for a result. To do this, the sample will be mixed on site with a buffer liquid and then a few drops of the liquid should be dropped onto a test cassette. The test result can then be read within a few minutes. In the PCR test, the sample is checked in a laboratory for the presence of the genetic material of the virus after the sample has been multiplied. The PCR test is much more sensitive and therefore the most reliable variant.

11. Is the travel certificate valid?


Our travel certificate has been validated by the RIVM and signed by our Medical Director. If there are any questions, please contact our headquarter.